LMT GmbH & Co. KG

The LMT GROUP is a globally operating family-owned business group that stands for technological excellence in precision tool solutions and specialized mechanical engineering.

The LMT Group is a management holding that controls the LMT Tools and Fette Compacting subsidiaries and provides them with central service functions. The headquarters of the LMT Group is based in Oberkochen in southern Germany, while its largest production and technology centre is located in Schwarzenbek near Hamburg.

The LMT Group combines the security of a family-owned business with the opportunities of a global player and the flexibility of a small and medium-sized enterprise. The Group is led by an independent Management and overseen by a Supervisory Board in which not only the owners, but also independent and experienced experts are represented.

The LMT Group enables its subsidiaries to operate worldwide. For that purpose it provides jointly used resources such as production and administrative facilities. At the same time, it sees itself as a dependable partner for all stakeholders and as the guarantor of outstanding performance for customers. The corporate policy of the LMT Group aims to achieve lasting, sustainable and fair international cooperation.

Overall, the LMT Group is represented by over 20 production and service centres worldwide and is systematically developing its international value creation. In the 2014 business year the LMT Group employed more than 2,000 people.

Oberkochen: Central corporate headquarters of the LMT GROUP

View of the central corporate headquarter in Oberkochen

Schwarzenbek: Largest production and technology center

View of the building in Schwarzenbek

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