“High Class” for series production

The large family of carbide hobs from LMT Fette has now got a name: CarbideLine. It comprises the CarbideLine-S solid carbide tools, the CarbideLine-H hybrid carbide tools and the multi-part gear cutting CarbideLine-I indexable carbide tools. All CarbideLine tools, just like the established PM-HSS and SpeedCore hobs, excel through maximum productivity in their specific fields of application (image 1).

CarbideLine-H tools (image 2) are a new addition to the product range of LMT Tools and were presented to a trade audience for the first time at the AMB in Stuttgart. They cover the module range 5 to 12 and are the 1st. choice for rough machining and finishing large lot sizes, where the tools costs using solid carbide milling cutters are too high and the gear cutting quality is too low using indexable inserts.

CarbideLine-H tools are also highly suitable for machining high-strength materials up to 1,400 N/mm2 and enable a gear quality up to quality grade AAA. Its preferred area of application is for gears for commercial vehicles, general mechanical engineering and energy technology. In one specific application it was possible to reduce the gearing costs per wheel by 20% with the CarbideLine-H compared with an indexable insert system.

CarbideLine-H tools can - like CarbideLine-S tools - be reconditioned up to twenty times at one of our LMT service centers after they have exhausted their tool life and thus make a significant contribution towards reducing the life cycle cost.

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application areas of innovative gear hobs

Specific application areas of innovative gear hobs

CarbideLine-H gear hob

The new CarbideLine-H gear hob combines carbide with quality

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