LMT Tools has developed the CopyMax family, specially for the die and mold making industry The latest addition to the family is the one-sided indexable insert CopyMax1. It is an alternative for the reliable CopyMax2 with a two-sided indexable insert.

Exactly yours: Depending on the requirements of the component, the customer can use the CopyMax for maximum cost savings.

CopyMax1 and CopyMax2 prove their advantages above the competition during the roughing and the semi-finishing processes. Both tools are manufactured using the manufacturing process HQS (High Quality Sintering), which is registered for patent approval. For the first time, HQS allows for pressing and sintering a ball nose copy insert complete, resulting in precision sintered cutting edges.

Another advantage of the CopyMax tools is the insert can be changed in the machine, it is not necessary to remove the entire tool. The time to change the insert is less than one minute.

In addition to introducing the new indexable insert CopyMax1, LMT Tools has developed new shanks for the CopyMax. A cylindrical steel shank version is available in two different lengths, and the cylindrical bolt-on milling cutter are both new to the program. Both milling systems are designed with internal coolant supply.

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The one-sided indexable insert CopyMax1

The one-sided indexable insert CopyMax1 rounds off the family of CopyMax copy milling cutters with precision sintered cutting edges.

CopyMax2 disposes of a fully functional two sided insert

CopyMax2 disposes of a fully functional second side of the insert which can be used after the first side of the insert is worn.

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