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We always have the right solution for our customers’ requirements – that's what exactly yours stands for: It is our promise to our customers. We provide you with best-in-class solutions customized for exactly your project – whether for gear cutting, rolling, milling and threading or for reaming and advanced tooling.


exactly yours describes our identity to a tee. We do everything to make sure that our customers can see that we are working specifically for them. We ensure the success of our customers. 



LMT Tools CTline


High-tensile external threads and shortest production times – those are the strengths of thread rolling. The rolling systems from LMT Tools have proven themselves over decades in series production. At the AMB 2016, a completely new generation of rolling heads will show users what exactly yours means.

Optimally between

gold and red

The Nanomold Gold and Nanomold Red high-performance coatings have set new standards in roughing and finishing in the lower and upper hardness ranges. LMT Tools has now tackled the hardness range in between and has found the optimum compromise with a new coating.

LMT Tools Nanomold Black
LMT Tools CopyMax2
Service life

times four

How can manufacturers markedly increase the productivity of their milling operations without having to make big investments? The answer lies in one of the most frequent parts subject to wear: the indexable insert. The innovative copy milling plate from LMT Tools increases service life fourfold.



Finishing in mold and die making must be more precise than ever whilst operating at maximum processing speeds. LMT Tools has taken up the challenge and enables a significant increase in efficiency with an extended copy milling system.

LMT Tools milling tool
LMT Tools winding tool
No more chip


In internal thread production, process reliability is essential, for example, in the case of tap holes – chip accumulations are the biggest challenge here. Thanks to a new, patented solution from LMT Tools, chip accumulations will finally be a thing of the past after the AMB 2016.

Thread forming

at its best

Perfect thread forming stands out due to its exceptionally high repeat accuracy and the enormous strength of the thread. Users can look forward to an additional performance increase: with a thread former made from innovative material with an optimized geometry.

LMT Tools thread former
LMT Tools gear cutter
When the going gets

tough in gear cutting

In gear manufacturing, users often have to machine high-tensile materials in mass production – a case for solid carbide gear hobs. For these requirements, LMT Tools is presenting at the AMB 2016 an extremely high-capacity product family for the highest quality grades.



We bring together our core competences to provide our customers with the best solutions worldwide. We base these competences on a long tradition of expertise and innovation, as demonstrated by this year's anniversary:

The experts at LMT Tools have been making crucial contributions to gear cutting since 1916. Our 100-year success story in the development of gear hobs is a solid example of our standard for ongoing high-performance innovation.


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