Copy milling in top quality

The requirements with regard to finishing in die and mold manufacturing are process reliability, good surface quality and an extended tool life at high cutting speeds. The HSCline SuperFinish4 ball nose copy cutter from LMT Fette, presented for the first time at the AMB in Stuttgart, sets new standards with exactly these features (image 1). It has 4 cutting edges with a special S-cut. Compared with the already established HSCline SuperFinish2 with 2 cutting edges, the processing time can thus be reduced even more while simultaneously increasing the service life. This is particularly useful when processing larger components with a long processing time.

Its high-precision cutting geometry with defined cutting edge preparation enables a productivity increase of up to 40%. The spiral angle of 30° and the carbide shaft reduce vibration. In addition, the high dimension accuracy enables a significant surface quality increase thanks to a narrow radius tolerance of +/- 5 µm. The tool can be used for the finishing of hardened steel up to 65 HRC and for the finishing and semi-finishing of high-strength steel.

The preferred area of application of the new HSCline SuperFinish4 lies in the mold and die making sector as well as general mechanical engineering, for example, for injection molding and thermoforming tools or creating free-form surfaces (image 2). 

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HSCline SuperFinish4 ball nose copy cutter

The new HSCline SuperFinish4 ball nose copy cutter for precise final contours

shape of the bicycle helmet

The shape of the bicycle helmet was cut using the HSCline SuperFinish4

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