Precise cornering –
Univex Premium from LMT Fette

Wherever straight edges are needed, LMT Fette makes precise 90° face milling possible – with Univex Premium, which works on steel, cast iron, stainless steel and non-iron materials. Univex Premium milling cutters have outstanding machining properties: they work precisely, smoothly and allow the machine to operate with a low power consumption. This means high productivity and excellent processing safety. Wide range of cutter bodies and indexable inserts – beneficial for your production The wider range of milling cutters featuring the new Univex Premium from LMT Fette now offers cutter bodies in three designs: 

  • as a shaft, 
  • as a face milling cutter,
  • as screw-on type end mill.

Higher feed rates are achieved, thanks to the large number of teeth. The highly positive geometry and uneven pitch ensure a soft cut and smooth run. Extra long end mills are suitable for work with particularly deep throats. All Univex Premium cutters are also equipped with internal coolant supply and coated with a protective layer on the surface. This protects the cutter bodies from wear and ensures their long tool lives.

Equipped with high positive inserts, they allow deep cuts up to 16.5 mm.

For machining of steel, cast iron, stainless steel and non-iron materials, LMT Fette offers a wide range of indexable inserts in four sizes and different corner radii.

The indexable inserts are available in both precision-sintered and ground versions. They benefit from wear-resistant substrates and produce excellent surface qualities.

In 2013, the LMT Tools Group inaugurated its first state of the art Global Manufacturing Facility in India at Chakan, Pune. Spread over a 3 acre land, LMT India’s manufacturing facility is in line with the global standards in terms of aesthetic looks, tech­niques and technologies being used.

The primary reason behind this expansion is India’s dynamic and fast growing market, proximity to customer's production sites and the ability to supply the Asian market faster. This plant will cater to both domestic and international market needs.

With around 30 of the best quality and latest machinery in place and 60 plus well trained em­ployees, LMT Tools India is inclined towards developing and producing the best quality and efficient tooling systems for the precision tool industry. This facility caterers to the requirements from the various industries including automotive industry, die and mold industry, mechanical engineering industry, medical technology industry, aeronautics and aerospace industry.