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The reprocessing of precision tools significantly lengthens a tool's life cycle and reduces production costs. Depending on the degree of wear, a gear hob can be reprocessed 15 to 20 times. Professional reprocessing at the LMT Fette service center returns the tool to a new condition. As a tool producer, LMT Fette offers all reprocessing steps for gear hobs from a single source: Deburring, regrinding, cutting edge preparation and recoating in manufacturer’s quality.

LMT Tools offers customers an individual pick-up and return service. This is done by our own service employees: They collect tools directly from customers and deliver them again after they have been reprocessed. “Our service employees are experts with technical know-how and can answer questions directly on site,” says Christian Johns, who is responsible for the Gear Cutting tool service segment, while explaining the benefit of personal customer contact. For additional flexibility, LMT Tools provides its customers with service boxes. These boxes are equipped with suitable packaging material and a UPS label for direct shipping to the reprocessing location.

To document the entire life cycle, there is an accompanying card for each tool. The grind amounts and the respective reprocessing date are documented on this card. This way, the customer can track constant tool performance and keep stock to a minimum.

Furthermore, LMT Tools also does a wear assessment. Wear is determined precisely and individually for each tool. Finally, only the necessary amount of material is removed with each grinding operation. “by this, our reprocessing experts achieve the maximum number of tool uses from the predefined tool life,” explains Christian Johns.

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Professional processing at the LMT Tools service center

Professional processing at LMT Tools returns the gear hob to its new condition each time it is reprocessed. This can be 15 to 20 times, depending on wear.

Gear hob reprocessing

LMT Tools offers everything from a single source for the reprocessing of gear hobs: Deburring, regrinding, cutting edge preparation and recoating.

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