From May 30th  to June 2nd, 2017 the 2nd Moulding Expo (MEX) will be held in Stuttgart, Germany. In hall 5, booth 5C21, LMT Tools will display innovative tooling technologies for copy milling and high-feed milling such as the copy milling cutter (CopyMax2), the ball nose cutter (HSCline SuperFinish 4), and the new insert milling cutter (MultiEdge 2Feed mini).

There are various applications for High Performance Cutting (HPC) tools in mold and die making. However, all HPC tools by LMT Tools have one common strength, their efficiency and productivity.

The copy milling cutter, CopyMax 2, strength is quadruple tool life. The insert has a two sides. After the first side of the insert is worn down, it can be turned over and used again. CopyMax2 strengthens it machining ability and tool life with the  Nanomold Gold coating.

The ball nose cutter, HSCline SuperFinish 4, allows for high cutting speed combined with the optimal workpiece surface finish at the same time. Due to four cutting edges with a special S cut, it increases productivity by 40 percent compared to a ball nose cutter with just 2 cutting edges.

The milling cutter, MultiEdge 2Feed mini, can be used for a wide range  of applications and materials. The universal geometry of its indexable inserts has been optimized for different operations such as face milling, plunge milling or roughing. Additionally, the MultiEdge 2Feed mini, can handle different materials such as steel, stainless steel or cast iron.

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Ball nose cutter HSCline SuperFinish with special S cut

The ball nose cutter HSCline SuperFinish 4 increases production by 40 % due to a special S cut.

MultiEdge 2Feed mini for different operations

The MultiEdge 2Feed mini is optimized for different operations and a large range of materials.

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