Metalworking specialists from the Benelux countries meet for the Techni-Show fair in Utrecht every two years. In March 2014 the strong interest in LMT Tools’ milling and threading products became apparent when trade visitors paid very close attention to the results of live demonstrations.

The stage was clearly set for presenting the latest innovations in metalworking technology when over 40,000 trade visitors attended Techni-Show in Utrecht, roughly 30 kilometers south of Amsterdam, from 11 to 14 March 2014. The participants came primarily from the Dutch and Belgian metalworking industry as well as the general and plant engineering sectors. According to statistics published by the fair organizers, a significant proportion of visitors were interested in new milling machines (31%), lathes (30%), tools (29%), tool technology (28%) and machining centers (25%).

Machining on Demand – visitors take control

Fair participants were able to experience a special live act presented by LMT Tools and its Dutch sales partner Hagro Precisie: Clemens Mohr, LMT Technology Center Team Leader, offered practical demonstrations of the newest tools in the core areas of milling and threading systems at the Hagro booth. Customers were able to choose from over 30 tools and arrange a live demonstration for their own very specific application. This Machining on Demand event also offered a choice of several materials, including steel, aluminium, cast iron, titanium and sandwich panels with honeycomb core.

The offering was very well received by trade visitors. Over the four days of the fair Hagro employees introduced a total of 56 presentations, attended as a rule by 25 visitors, but often rising to over 40. Clemens Mohr was pleased with the visitors’ interest: “The special thing about Techni-Show is that lots of visitors really do come from the machining sector and are directly involved in using tools. You notice that because after demonstrations customers inspect the workpieces very closely and spend a long time discussing the machining process.”

One highlight was the late-night show on the last day, when the fair opened its doors until 9 p.m. A large number of attendees took the opportunity to visit the Hagro booth to watch a live demonstration during the evening. Visitors also found out more about Hagro’s new online shop, which will enable them to select and order products from LMT Tools even easier in the future.

Customers were able to choose between more than 30 tools to view their own particular application during “Machining on Demand”. Clemens Mohr, LMT Technology Center Team Leader, explains the milling process (2nd from left).

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