Every detail counts

The human body is a miracle of nature. In various areas, modern medicine is able to imitate this miracle: Prosthetics, for example, take over important functions. They form human body parts and limbs in precise detail and make natural movement patterns possible. For the complex processing of prosthetics – such as artificial knee joints – LMT Tools offers precise customized tools.

In the field of medicine, authorizations are required for certain machining methods. For the experts at LMT Tools, quick response times and fast request processing are taken for granted. This way, customers benefit from the experience of the LMT Tools experts in every step in the production process.

Sophisticated materials such as titanium or CoCrMo are used to produce artificial joints. LMT Tool’s customized tool solutions and portfolio of standard precision tools for medical technology have special geometries and coatings. They make precise cutting and processing within narrow tolerances possible.

For example, our DHC Hardline series tools facilitate trochoidal milling. Machining using circular feed motion significantly shortens processing time – while maintaining high quality and excellent process reliability. This means that even the standard tools by LMT Tools provide innovative solutions for sophisticated forming and complex components which are required in the field of medical technology.

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The DHC Hardline facilitates precise processing of high-strength materials which are frequently used in the field of medical technology.

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