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The new Rasant tap, type ChipBreaker, ensures reliable process sequences during thread tapping: Its patented geometry prevents the formation of winding chips. LMT Fette now offers the tap, previously available as a special solution, as a standard product. The ChipBreaker is available in the sizes M6 to M20 as well as MF8 to MF16.

During the thread tapping process, the ChipBreaker produces very short chips thanks to the patented chamfer. Long winding chips do not form at all. They are often the reason for downtimes, especially in the metalworking industry, as the machines have to be stopped to remove the winding chips.

In addition, the ChipBreaker from LMT Fette has shown an increased service life of up to 50 percent in tests compared to conventional taps. Fewer tool changes also means less machine downtimes for customers. The ChipBreaker thus ensures production process reliability and enables a reduction in production costs.

Another advantage of the tap is the internal cooling: The ChipBreaker is cooled from the inside through the center. The internal cooling through the drill causes immediate and reliable chip transportation out of the bore. The chips do not get into the finished component, the product quality increases.

All drills are coated with the high-performance TiCN + coating and are thus highly wear-resistant and heat-resistant. The special coating, combined with the patented chamfer on the tap, allows the ChipBreaker to be used as an all-round tool. It is suitable for processing different materials used in automotive and mechanical engineering. The main application, however, is in the steel sector (P-materials)



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Rasant tap, type ChipBreaker

The patented chamfer for the prevention of winding chips is characteristic of the geometry of the Rasant tap, type ChipBreaker.

internal cooling of the ChipBreaker

The internal cooling of the ChipBreaker transports the chips directly and reliably out of the bore.

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