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Perfect for large production runs

Based on the latest findings with regard to the development and use of threading tools, LMT Tools has expanded its extensive range with another top performer: The solid carbide forming tap FormMax . It consists of a newly developed finest grain carbide with a specially optimized former geometry. To further increase the thread quality and tool life, the coated tool surface has undergone a special smoothing process.

The FormMax from LMT Fette truly lives its name: It maximizes the forming speed and ensures maximum tool life with greatest process reliability. Compared to a similar HSS former a 5 times higher service life could be achieved in spite of doubling the forming speed. This increases machine utilization and significantly reduces production costs.

All tools are designed for internal coolant supply with radial or axial exit. This permits the production of through-hole and blind-hole threads with highest quality. The ideal area of application for the forming tap FormMax is in the automotive or supply industry. Examples are manufacturing of connecting rods or cylinder heads. FormMax is ideally suited for trouble - free usage in ISO P, M and N applications.

The standard range covers the dimensions M4 to M12 and MF8 to MF14 and are available in-stock.