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Upgrade for Downsizing

For years “downsizing” has been the trend in automotive production: Engines are smaller and lighter, but at the same time have higher performance. The answer to this challenge is the turbocharger. Its production puts extremely high expectations on the cutting materials and the machining tools used, making it one of the most costly automotive parts to produce. LMT Tools offers high-precision end facing motion tools and combination tools for the production of this technically complex automotive part. These increase process reliability and decrease production costs.

Production of the turbocharger engages almost every machining operation: roughing and finishing during milling, boring, threading, and reaming. Highly heat-resistant materials, such as stainless steel, put a high demand on the cutting tool substrate, cutting edge geometry, cutting edge preparation, and on the coatings of the indexable inserts.

Combination tools from LMT Tools allow for fast and process-reliable machining in a single step. Different steps – boring, face and circular milling – are accomplished with a single tool. Time-consuming tool changes and their potential for error are eliminated, reducing process times and increasing process reliability. Therefore, tool solutions from LMT Tools increase the economic efficiency of turbocharger production thanks to significantly lower production costs.

The concept and design of specific tool solutions from LMT Tools are customized for their application on tough materials and castings as it applies to turbocharger production – exactly yours! The radial facing motion tool allows for machining complex contours such as the trumpet form: the face turning head makes the undercut on the outer surface of the V-Band, forming the trumpet shape while profiling the inside surface.

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LMT Tools offers specific boring bars for turbocharger production

LMT Tools offers specific boring bars for turbocharger production. They allow for precision machining of highly heat-resistant materials such as stainless steel.

Face turning head from LMT Tools for different turning operations.

The face turning head from LMT Tools performs different turning operations at a machining center.

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