Maximum productivity in gear cutting

Gear manufacturing needs to become more efficient and flexible. In manufacturing all modern machine tools offer high potential for productivity improvement. State of the art gear cutting machine tools allow higher cutting speeds up to at least 30 %. Most of the machines are already designed to utilize carbide hobs and work under dry conditions. With the newly developed material SpeedCore, a cutting material as a class of its own, LMT is now at the stage to accelerate the machining conditions dramatically – for the benefit of the customer.

Up to 70% higher cutting speeds

Higher cutting speeds increase the mechanical and thermal loads of the hob. The HSS materials are limited to a range of cutting speeds due to their limited high temperature hardness. The new SpeedCore hobs from LMT Fette are manufactured out of a new cutting material which overcomes the barriers of high temperature hardness; at the same time offering sufficient toughness. With hobs using the new SpeedCore material the cutting speed can be increased up to 70 %. The customers gains significantly more parts in less time. The machine tools will be utilized more efficiently. Nearly no additional investment is neccessary to increase the productivity, just the new SpeedCore material.

Intermetallic phases - the core of the new cutting material

The core of the new material SpeedCore is made out of carbon-free iron Cobalt and Molydenum. This new composition as well as the powder metallurgy manufacturing method allows an increase in high temperature hardness of the material compared to the traditionell PM-HSS materials. The hardness of this material is generated by special nanostructures, which are in a intermetallic state.

Excellent performance in tests …

LMT has tested the capability with the support of the Technical university of Magdeburg. The newly developed material was tested at cutting conditions, which are normally used for solid carbide hobs. The results prove the high temperature resistance of SpeedCore. In the laboratory tests maching real components, the SpeedCore materials was used at cutting speeds up to 350 m/min without any thermal overload of the cutting edge. The tool length achieved 7 m; these are conditions were PM-HSS materials would fail.

... an in real applications

translating these result into the manufacturing environment means, customers can increase the cutting speed more than 30 % to improve the efficiency of the gear cutting process. There are two options: the cutting speed is increased to achieve a predetermined tool life, or the process is adjusted to the capability of the SpeedCore material. The customer will achive in both cases lower costs per workpiece.