Many companies, especially within the automobile industry, are aiming for increased efficiencies in large-series production runs. LMT Tools has the solution for the "thread rolling" machining step: The new CTline - Customized Tangential rolling head. This new tooling line is tailored to each customer's requirements and increases output quantities and process reliability by minimizing critical process parameters. The result: Part costs decrease significantly.

The CTline picks up where standard solutions reach their limit: even slight changes to tool making, tool stability or coolant supply can significantly increase rolling head efficiency. This significantly increases production efficiency, especially in series production.

At the start of every customized tangential rolling head solution is an individual analysis at the LMT Tools Engineering Center. Customer goals and the component are tested just like the implemented tool machine and the machining process. The results show which adjustments can be made to the rolling tools to optimize the application on the customer side.

With the help of cutting-edge technologies - such as 3D printing - the LMT Tools engineers work out the ideal solution for every application. This allows, for example, additional functions to be integrated into the rolling head and rolling head grip. Furthermore, additional features such as optimized cooling and flushing, chip protection and weight reduction are also possible. Other customized solutions tailored for high-strength materials are additionally available for the individual configuration of the thread rollers.


The final result is the customized tangential rolling head by LMT Tools: a tailored tooling solution, which is fine-tuned to the exact specifications of the customer, increasing the efficiency of their production processes. Every CTline product is a unique tool - "exactly yours".

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The CTline tangential rolling head solutions

The CT line tangential rolling head solutions are customized “one-of-a-kind” pieces. With additional functions integrated into the rolling head, optimized cooling and chip protection, they fulfill individual requirements.

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