XChange TAP

Advantage through Changes

High cutting speeds, short cycle times and reduced production costs are made possible by XChange from LMT Tools. The secret to success: The modular tap combines the strengths of two cutting materials - wear-resistant carbide l and strong steel - in one versatile combination. At the end of the tool life, the modular carbide head is simply disconnected and replaced. XChange is available in sizes M8-M20, MF8-MF20 and UNC/UNF 5/16-3/4".

The recognizable feature of XChange is its blue, easy-to-replace head. Its striking color is due to the Polaris coating. It is distinguished by its unique multilayer structure. The combination of the carbide and the optimized, high-performance Polaris coating allows for high cutting speeds. In comparison to a conventional monoblock HSS tap, the modular XChange can deliver more than Double the cutting speed.

The modular tap was conceived for the cast and ductile iron as well as for short-chip aluminum. Its advantages come into play above all in the automotive sector with large-scale industrial production of engine blocks and gears. XChange produces up to 120,000 threads in the gray cast iron using a single head.

Due to its long life, XChange from LMT Tools minimizes tool consumption up to 500% as compared to single piece HSS taps and more than 30% on solid carbide taps. Furthermore, the shortened process times reduce the electrical consumption of the machine by up to 50%. The consumption of carbide and its raw materials, tungsten and cobalt, are reduced by approx. 85% using modular tools as compared to solid carbide taps. Using XChange results in high savings potential and enormously reduced production costs per thread.