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    Daniel Ehmans

    Executive Board LMT Group,
    CEO LMT Tools

    Born 1968 in Düsseldorf, married, two children

    Since May 2017CEO LMT Tools
    2015 - 2017Board Swarovski, Tyrolit
    1996 - 2014Board Sandvik

    Jochen Ludwig Ohler

    CFO LMT Tools

    Born 1965 in Neustadt/Weinstraße, married

    Since June 2018CFO LMT Tools
    2012 - 2017Director Finance EMEA Terex GmbH
    2009 - 2012Director Finance & Shared Service LVMH
    2001 - 2009CFO/Finance Manager, Proctor & Gamble

    Jörn Grindel

    Managing Director LMT Tool Systems GmbH & Co. KG,
    Head of EMEA

    Born 1972 in Dettmold, married, two children

    Seit 2020Managing Director LMT Tool Systems GmbH & Co. KG
    Seit 2019Head of EMEA LMT Tools
    2000 - 2019SECO Tools, last position: Director Sales & Engineering North Europe