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Our Services
At Your Side with Words and Deeds

As our customer, you expect more from us than just the best tool on the market. It is your right to expect us to stand by your side as a partner and as experts who work with you toward success. We do this in a variety of ways. Take advantage of our diverse expertise – from strategic needs analysis to tool supply to production locations.

Tool Management
We Advise. You Benefit

Effective tool management is one of the main drivers of your success. We specialize in optimizing the implementation of your tool systems. As a consultant and operative partner:


  • We ensure 100% cost control.
  • We identify your cost causes and drivers.
  • We help you to reduce your working capital.
  • We help you to take advantage of savings potential.
  • We take it upon ourselves to reduce the number of your suppliers without losing know-how. 

 The services you take advantage of as well as the degree of our collaboration is flexible. From simple tool procurement to tool maintenance to the full tool service “complete care”.

Tool dispensing
Kanban for up to 10,000 Tools

A single employee in the production department dedicates up to 20% of their working time to organizing tools. Regular “emergency stock” is often kept as a reserve. But there is a more efficient way to do this! Our tool dispensing system eboy® simplifies your tool logistics and processes with a Kanban approach. 

Your advantages:

  • Significantly simplified availability, ordering and delivery.
  • Smaller inventory and goods in process volumes – this saves costs.
  • We stock, monitor and administrate the system. 

You only pay for the tool once you have received it. We also manage the stocking of tools from other tool manufacturers.

New, again and again

The reprocessing of your tool is a complex and highly sophisticated process. But it is worth doing. With each reprocessing, your overall costs for the tool go down.
We reprocess your tools to their original quality. To do this, we have set up a global service network. We guarantee that tool life and cutting parameters are exactly the same when the tool is redeployed. This keeps your production processes stable.

Success Stories

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Find out more about
our services

We would be happy to provide you with more information. Together, we develop ideas to make your production more efficient, innovative, and profitable.

Just give us a call or send an email. For product details and orders, please use our online shop or our catalog as well.

LMT Tool Systems GmbH & Co. KG
Customer Service
Vogesenstr. 23
77933 Lahr

T   +49 7821 943-0
E   toolmanagementlmt-tools.com

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    eboy® - Service for your tool supply
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    Tool Management and Tool Service
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