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LMT Tools at the AMB 2018:
New solutions for change in production

Comprehensive digitization. Increasing quality requirements. Innovative materials. Keywords such as these characterize the far-reaching change in industrial production. In many areas, custom-fit tools are the key to reconciling growing challenges with the economic efficiency of processes. At the AMB 2018, you can find out how LMT Tools opens new doors for you on your way into the future of production technology. We provide specific solutions to optimize your applications. Tooth cutting, rolling, milling, threading, reaming or advanced tooling: The innovations from LMT Tools are here to fascinate you with real performance enhancement.

EVOline Tangential Rolling Head –
3D-printed for more stability

Rolling systems allow extremely fast production of external threads with high fatigue strength. The thread rolling heads used and a rapid, reliable tool change are crucial. The new EVOline tangential rolling head makes your processes even more efficient and user-friendly. It can be installed and removed without any tools. Labeling on the components facilitates assembly and the identification of spare parts. LMT Tools produces the roller head hinges using 3D printing methods to optimize the volume flow and distribution from the adjustable cooling and rinsing nozzles. The structures are also more precisely oriented to the force flow, which optimizes the break resistance of the tool. In addition, the rolling head is fitted with a sensor for force measurements, which continuously supplies data for more efficient tool use.

Self-adjustingfine boring tools –
automatically more process reliability

LMT Tools' fine boring tools are entering a new generation at the AMB 2018. With these new line borings bars we would like to show you how to advance the digitization of your production. We focus on the finishing of bearing bores. The new tool from LMT Tools can be connected wirelessly to a measuring machine that measures all finished bores and uses the results to decide whether wear compensation is required at the cutting edges of the tool. These adjustment processes are fully automatic. They are driven by "actuators", which are located at each individual cutting edge and which operate with micrometer precision. This is how we provide you with highly efficient, self-adjusting fine boring tools: for consistently high component quality and minimized machine downtimes with an optimized cost per unit. Alternatively, the cutting edges can be readjusted by remote control or laptop.

Product highlights

Radial cutters:
Machining freeform surfaces even faster with a 5-axis machine – reducing toolpaths while maintaining a consistently high surface quality.

Solid carbide end mills for machining aluminum:
Significantly increase the machining volume of aluminum through optimized cutting surfaces and seamless chip removal.

HPF Max – new sizes in our range:
HPF Max now up to size M33 – for extremely high cutting speeds with extended tool life, with patented cutting point between head and chute for accelerated tool change in case of wear.

Wiper-WSP FinishLine – more speed in mold and die making
Wiper-WSP FinishLine for accelerated ultra-fine finishing processes with excellent surface qualities.

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