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Exclusive agreement for the
new ChamferCut-CG and ChamferCut-IG

LMT Tools and Liebherr-Verzahntechnik GmbH are collaborating to continue the success story of the patented ChamferCut method. On the very first day of the EMO show, the two technology partners signed a cooperation contract for the new ChamferCut-CG (collision gear) and ChamferCut-IG (internal gear).

With the ChamferCut cutting method offered by LMT Fette, LMT Tools raised the process of chamfering and deburring gears to a new level some years ago. In close collaboration with Liebherr-Verzahntechnik GmbH, the tool specialist was responsible for launching the first evolutionary stage. Accordingly, the gear machine manufacturer based in Kempten has co-designed and supported development of this innovative technology, including in the form of specially-developed gear hobbing and chamfering machine designs.

Long-term collaboration agreed
With the new ChamferCut-CG (collision gear) and ChamferCut-IG (internal gear), this successful partnership is now entering its second round. At EMO in Hanover, Daniel Ehmans, CEO LMT Tools, and Dr. Hans Gronbach, Managing Director Technology, Liebherr-Verzahntechnik GmbH, signed a corresponding cooperation agreement recording mutual exclusivity. Liebherr already enjoys by far the largest penetration of the market for ChamferCuts offered by LMT Fette. Now, thanks to the new agreement, these latest extensions also enable users to benefit from the high degree of process and application competence as well as long-term expertise offered by these technology partners.

A perfect match
“We have already been linked to Liebherr-Verzahntechnik GmbH for several years by means of a very close and agile cooperation which goes well beyond a basic supplier-customer relationship”, emphasizes Ehmans, adding: “This strong partnership is also the result of similar values and goals which we share as companies and premium manufacturers driven by innovation. We are, therefore, particularly delighted that Liebherr is once again at our side with ChamferCut-CG and ChamferCut-IG and joining us in designing technological progress.”

Dr. Hans Gronbach from Liebherr-Verzahntechnik GmbH adds: “Customers expect us to come up with solutions for deburring and chamfering, even of those gears which have been regarded as non-chamferable to date. We are extremely pleased to be collaborating with LMT Fette to offer Liebherr customers exclusive new technology solutions for chamfering.”

New methods, familiar quality and process reliability
Innovative technology, tailored machines and custom-fit solutions underline the comprehensive approach pursued by LMT Tools and Liebherr-Verzahntechnik GmbH in their joint activities. By developing their partnership, these technology partners will be linking their competences even more strongly in the future. The new ChamferCut tools also see this experienced team relying on consistent customer orientation during process design and implementation while supporting the customer to develop the very best manufacturing strategy. Customers can rely on tried-and-tested quality and process reliability.


About ChamferCut

ChamferCut is the most economical chamfer solution for serial production and stands for uncompromising quality and short machining times accompanied by a high degree of process reliability and reduced component costs. Uncomplicated tool processing also contributes to this high degree of feasible viability. Unlike the deforming process, the material structure remains unchanged during machine chamfering using ChamferCut and no interfering material build-ups are incurred. This is not only beneficial for the finishing process after heat treatment (e.g. honing) but also dispenses with a second gear-hobbing step for removing such material build-ups.

With these latest ChamferCut-CG (collision gear) and ChamferCut-IG (internal gear) additions, LMT Tools is overcoming previous application limits and making it possible to use the cost and quality advantages of the successful process for practically all components with interference contours, such as geared shafts, and internal gears.

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