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LMT Tools
The Organization

LMT Tools encompasses the manufacturing companies LMT Belin, LMT Fette, LMT Kieninger and LMT Onsrud. At the same time, LMT Tools belongs to LMT Group, a family managed holding company. The Group bundles several, leading technology companies with more than 20 locations worldwide.


LMT Belin
Lavancia, France

LMT Belin is a highly-specialized supplier to the automotive and aerospace industries. The company has been a part of LMT Tools since 2001. Together with LMT Onsrud, LMT Belin is the Competence Center for composite machining within the LMT Group.



LMT Belin France S.A.S.

Lieu dit „Les Cizes“

01590 Lavancia-Epercy


  +33 474 758989 

E   lmtd@lmt-tools.com



Development and production of tools for high-performance plastic.

Market leader in France for tools for machining display plastics.

Development and production of tools for composite materials.

Specialist in producing tools for light metals, reaming tools and customized tools.

LMT Fette

LMT Fette is one of the global leaders in the production of gear hobs for cogs and rolling heads for thread production. The company was founded in 1908. Together with LMT Kieninger, LMT Fette is the Competence Center for milling within the LMT Group.

LMT Fette Werkzeugtechnik GmbH & Co KG
Grabauer Str. 24
21493 Schwarzenbek

T   +49 4151 12-0
E   infolmt-fette.de


Since its founding, the company has been a driver of the ongoing development of gear production.

2010: Presentation of the first nanostructured multilayer coating for gear hobs

Innovative solutions such as heat-resistant coatings which protect tools against high temperatures during cutting.

Latest gear hob development: “SpeedCore” with an intermetallic milling core for increased cutting speed.

LMT Kieninger
Lahr, Germany

Within LMT Tools, LMT Kieninger is the specialist for especially complex cutting operations. They develop and produce customized tool systems and tools for die and mould making. The company is the Group's Competence Center for these areas.

LMT Kieninger GmbH & Co. KG
Vogesenstr. 23
77933 Lahr

T   +49 7821 943-0
E   infolmt-kieninger.com


Solutions in the areas of lightweight engineering, complex geometries, high surface grades and demanding materials.

Customized tools. Example: Line boring bars with integrated slide tools for machining large diesel motors.

Monobloc tools (customization of the shape of the tool holder and the cutting material to the machine and workpiece).

Combination of milling holders and cutting materials in die and mould making.

LMT Onsrud

Waukegan, USA


LMT Onsrud specializes in carbide milling cutters, focused in particular on the high-speed machining of aluminum, plastic, and composite materials. Together with LMT Belin, the company is the Competence Center for composite machining within the LMT Group.



LMT Onsrud LP

1081 S. Northpoint Blvd.

60085 Waukegan, IL


T   +1 847 3621 560

E   infoonsrud.com

W  www.onsrud.com



Development and production of tools for machining composite materials.

Tools for the machine processing of fiber composites and honeycomb materials.

Innovative tools for high-speed milling.

High-quality tools for additional uncommon materials (for aircraft construction or medical technologies, for example).