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Exceeding the limits

The further development of ChamferCut

Chamfering and deburring are an essential part of gear production. LMT Tools’ patented ChamferCut technology especially plays an important role when it comes to combining efficiency and quality: over 1,200 different components in some 25 countries are being chamfered and deburred successfully.

After starting with chamfer cutting on involute gears, today all process advantages can also be used with sprocket gears and worm gears, as well as with other gear types. With the newest tools, ChamferCut-CG and ChamferCut-IG, LMT Tools is introducing a new variant of ChamferCut in 2019, again delivering the highest quality results with low tool costs and extremely high productivity.

Precision in Chamfering

Precise – reliable – cost-effective. This is chamfering with the patented ChamferCut technology. As component-bound form cutter, ChamferCut allows the chamfering and deburring of gears in a continuous process. A consistently high chamfer quality is possible even in high-strength materials.  ChamferCut stands for long tool life, short cycle times and a positive impact on subsequent processes. This reduces the component costs considerably.

When things get tight:

The ChamferCut-CG (Collision Gear) also enables users to apply the process on components with interference contours, such as gear shafts.

For this two individual ChamferCuts deburr and chamfer the flanks of the tooth gap one after the other and achieve the well-known quality and process reliability. 

Chamfering gets internal:

From now on internal gears can also be deburred and chamfered with cutting methods: The ChamferCut-IG (Internal Gear) makes this possible for users. For example, manufacturers of planetary gears can now benefit from all cost and quality advantages of the established proven ChamferCut process.

Learn more about the

ChamferCut process

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