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LMT Tools USA L.P.

LMT Tools USA L.P. (Waukegan, Illinois) reaches a landmark 25 Years of Service to the North American Metalworking Industry. First known as Saarberg Intertool in 1982, the company originally focused on hobs, end mills, crankshaft milling tools, and thread rolling tools. Saarberg Intertool came to be known as LMT Fette in 1998 and product lines were expanded to include indexable carbide milling cutters.

LMT Tools USA L.P.

Our products are recognized as market leaders for increasing productivity, tool life and overall tool performance. In North America, LMT specializes in applications where the strengths of all six companies to offer customers unrivaled solutions. These specialties include:

  • Automotive Components
  • Mold and Die Solutions
  • Threaded Products
  • Gear Cutting
  • Cutting Tool Recondition

Customer Service

T +1 800 225 0852

E contact@lmtusa.com


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The product lines

  • Gear Cutting

    LMT Fette is the leading specialist in gear hobs and other gear cutting tools. We have been driving development forward for more than 100 years.

  • Rolling

    The rolling specialists at LMT Tools are global technology leaders. They offer a comprehensive portfolio of rolling heads and rolls for external profiles.

  • Milling & Threading

    We have the expertise to customize the milling of cast steel, nonferrous metals and other hard-to-cut materials to individual applications.

  • Reaming

    Reaming specialists at LMT Belin take extra care to ensure that every hole has the right shape. This involves precise component machining down to the micrometer.

  • Advanced Tooling

    The engineers in Advanced Tooling develop complete component machining strategies while maintaining a focus on the overall production process.

  • Services

    We offer a comprehensive service program ranging from project planning to tool management to reprocessing and training at our service centers worldwide.