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In the field of machining, profitability continues to play a central role. The new face milling systems, MultiFace H45 PRO4 and MultiFace P45 PRO8 from LMT Fette, make a positive impact possible. Based on the latest performance requirements, the MultiFace H45 PRO4 provides a solution with a significantly reduced spindle load using a highly positive set up indexable inserts with four-cutting edges and infeed depths up to 6.0 mm. As a result, maximum material removal rates are realized, which has a positive outcome on the production time, reducing machine costs and conserving resources. In addition, the MultiFace P45 PRO8 offers yet another solution. With positive set up indexable inserts with eight cutting edges and infeed depths up to 4.0 mm, this system aims at applications that focus on the costs per cutting edge.<br/> The application area of these systems is wide-ranging due to a large selection of geometries and cutting materials. From steel to cast iron machining, these applications extend to the machining of stainless steel, non-ferrous metals or superalloys. Both systems are available in a diameter range of 50 to 160 mm in divisions for machining short and long chipping materials.<br/> Different requirements are met using four or eight cutting edges per indexable insert. Here, the requirements can be flexibly addressed in order to implement the optimum solution. In line with this concept, we at LMT Tools base all our approaches to tooling solutions on the individual requirements. In other words, exactly yours.



Korvin Michalak
Productmanager indexable inserts cutters