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Economical thread forming with HPF Max:
New dimensions of performance

The modular forming tap HPF Max combines the wear resistance of a carbide threaded head with the toughness of a steel shank, guaranteeing a new performance standard in terms of quality and efficiency. This high performance can be seen in practical applications through higher circumferential speeds and a considerably longer tool life in comparison with single-piece HSS forming taps. This makes the HPF Max a cost-effective solution for mass production and in mechanical engineering.

The HPF Max is perfectly suited for applications in the material groups P, N, M and is available as M8-M33 as a standard product. 

Your advantages
at a glance

  • At the end of the tool life only the threaded head is changed and not the complete tool
  • Resource efficiency thanks to the repeated use of the tool shank
  • Fast tool change possible – even in the machine
  • No new length adjustment necessary
  • High process reliability thanks to a modular design


Success Story:
40% less production costs
and highest tool life

One of our customers produces large numbers of crankshafts for the automotive industry. In this application, 40 threads M24 x 1,5 per component were produced. With the previously used HSS tap, the tool life was 220 threads and the production time was 10 minutes per component.

With the modular HPF Max forming tap, new performance dimensions are possible.. The tool life could be almost quadrupled with 870 threads. At the same time, a production time saving of 40% was achieved due to higher feed rates. This results in a reduction of production costs of 40%.

Process reliability in the
production of internal threads

Forming taps for chipless thread production can be used in materials with a coefficient of elongation of minimum 8% Threads can be formed reliably up top 1200 N/mm², with HPF Max up top 1400 N/mm².

In addition to the modular design, four other significant design attributes are making their mark:

◼ The improved fine-grain carbide substrate LCP25G

◼ The optimized form geometry

◼ The most wear-resistant TiCN coating

◼ The modern shank design with improved surface protection


Your inquiry regarding the
modular forming tap HPF Max

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