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Complete Solutions
Customized for You

With our Advanced Tools, we go – together with you – above and beyond the design and deployment of individual tools. The idea: Use us as your strategic technology partner for the development of complete machining strategies (“project engineering”) and extremely precise tool systems. Our central focus: To strengthen your productivity and – especially in large-series production – to reduce the cost per unit (CpU).


Adjustable Tools

Control tools more machining crankeshakft bearing bores are implemented with maximum pricision and economic efficiency.These tools function in an actuator like manner. The diameter of the inserts can be adjusted using an interior tie rod to compenste for wear, for example.


Tools with PCD cutting materials guarantee maximum performance when machining engine components and aluminum housing units. Multi-step PCD tools not only achieve absolute precision in the machining process, but also positively influence the costs of the complete process. Several operations can be realized in one tool, thereby decreasing the processing and tool change times. Through these cost savings the tools amortize themselves instantly.


The machining of these joints places high demands on the quality of the precision toolswhen it comes to shape accuracy and, of course,the expected tool life. This is true for the soft milling sector using coated carbide tools, as well as for the hard milling of induction-hardened components using CBN cutting materials. The product range of the traditional ball-nosed milling tool is extended through tools for producing the so-called cages and their corresponding turning applications.

indexable inserts

Tangential technology opens up new possibilities for tool conception and construction. With it, it promises maximum performance in the machining process. With tangential technologies, the cutting strengths are absorbed over the entire plate profile, thereby significantly prolonging tool life.

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We would be happy to provide you with further information. Together we are developing ideas to make your products even more efficient, innovative, and profitable. Simply give us a call or contact us by E-Mail. For product details and orders, please also use our online shop or our catalog.


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