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An Eye for Micromillimeters
It Can't Get Any More Precise

The demand for high precision during boring operations is growing more and more. The external accuracy of cylinder bores, valve seats, and functional bores on an oil pump guarantee that vehicle components will have a long service life. The requirements set by the aerospace industry are just as stringent. This makes reaming a key technology in the area of fine machining.
Our decades of experience with reaming technologies make it possible for our tools to machine down to the micrometer. This shapes every one of your boring operations perfectly – with enormous advantages in productivity, quality and costs.

Technology Leader
in Reaming

The prerequisite for precision machining is the combination of expert experience with the construction of reamers. Here, customer requirements must be implemented as economical solutions. Many requirements can be fulfilled using standard reamers, especially if no moving parts enter into the bores, such as a piston in a cylinder, for example. But when it comes to large-series production, customized solutions, which take quality and productivity to the next level, are often necessary. We have the precise solution for every application.


Standard Reamers
For Perfect Surfaces

The TBR standard reamer guarantees unparalleled surface quality within a narrow tolerance range while simultaneously maximizing productivity with two clamped carbide cutting blades. Even the SBR single-blade reamer achieves top precision.

Customized Reamers
More Cost Efficiency

In addition to standard reamers, we also offer individual custom tools, which are designed and produced to your specifications. This way, you receive the perfect reaming tool for the narrowest tolerance requirements.

Find out more about
the Reaming product line

We would be happy to provide you with more information. Together, we develop ideas to make your production more efficient, innovative, and profitable.

Just give us a call or send an email. For product details and orders, please use our catalog as well.

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