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In the electric age, the demands related to precision, materials and efficiency are rising. The key to success? Custom-fit tools from LMT Tools. The tool specialist knows exactly what the automotive sector needs, and supplies customized solutions that ensure high surface qualities and minimum tolerances at the same time as maximum productivity and profitability.


The machining of the thin-walled and highly complex stator housing demands maximum precision and process reliability, since the efficiency and smooth running of the electric motor depend to a large extent on the quality and dimensional precision of the manufacturing method. Tools with PCD cutting materials are the first choice when it comes to cutting aluminum. The cutting edges with polycrystalline diamond (PCD) are characterized by great hardness and by a high resistance to abrasion. Together with the tool body they permit low-vibration cutting and high cutting speeds. Maximum geometrical quality and the dimensional precision together with a first-class surface quality are guaranteed.


Superior in quality
and economic effiency

Internal threads benefit from the use of the HPF Max. This modular forming tap combines the resistance to abrasion of a carbide thread-forming head with the toughness of a steel shank. It stands head and shoulders above solid HSS forming taps in terms of quality, efficiency and profitability. Since the thread is created by forming, no chips are produced. This has a positive effect on process reliability, on repetition accuracy, and on the strength of the thread.


Individual design
for perfect results

Individually designed reamers have a clear advantage when it comes to high-precision finishing of main bores larger than 200 mm. The vibration performance is simulated as early as the conception phase. This allows the design to be optimized. The PCD edges can be set with a micrometer precision. They guarantee minimum shape and length tolerances, high cutting speeds, and an exceptional surface quality.


The perfect
knurling in seconds

The technology of chipless forming with rolling systems has been proven globally for the fabrication of high-precision, stable teeth on the ends of driveshafts. Knurl forming involves the material being permanently reshaped by pressures that take it beyond the elastic limit. Unlike cutting processes, the material fibers are not cut, but only displaced. Cold forming of the solid material makes it possible to achieve high component strength along with constant dimensional stability. The user also benefits from the high profitability provided by short production times and long tool lives, as well as high process reliability.


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