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Roughing processes with intensive chip removal in die and mold making or in general engineering are calling for powerful tools. The key to success? High feed-rate cutters that remove large volumes of chips within a very short time. As a tool specialist, LMT Tools has one of the widest ranges on the market in this sector. Discover the thrill of speed!


into shape

In terms of tool life and productivity, the new solid carbide high feed-rate cutters are setting highest standards in machining steel and cast iron (CARBFeed Steel), stainless steel and hard-to-machine alloys (CARBFeed Inox), as well as hardened materials (CARBFeed Hard). New performance peaks have been achieved through optimal adjustment of macro- and micro-geometry to the application field of each tool.


High feed-rate
short machining times

Cutter geometry, substrate, coating and treatment of the cutting edge – these have been specially developed for the materials to be processed and are optimally coordinated. The peeling geometry is characteristic. Thanks to the positive rake angle, the cutters do their work in a significantly softer manner than their predecessors. This conserves the machine spindle and increases the tool’s service life. The number of cutters has also been adapted, resulting in a further increase in cutting capacity: Thanks to the four cutting edges (ISO-P, ISO-M) or, depending on the diameter, six to eight cutting edges (ISO-H), the new flagship tools increase the feed rate by up to about 50%, while the tool life is also affected positively.


Small cutter
big results

The modular MultiEdge 2Feed mini cutting system, used primarily for roughing smaller and medium-sized components, can also celebrate an addition. With a new cutting material for machining stainless steel and super-alloys, another application field can be efficiently and reliably processed. Machining ISO-M and S materials is highly complex work. LMT Tools has a powerful answer with these new tools. The positive position of the indexable inserts leads to a softer cut, and that reduces the cutting forces. This guarantees maximum machining volumes – even on modern machining centers which are often less powerful.


The optimum tool
for each application

All the indexable inserts have the same size, regardless of the diameter of the cutter body. That lowers both investment and inventory costs. The outstanding combination of carbide and coating also guarantees a high degree of process reliability and long tool life. This new cutting material is also applied on the tried-and-tested indexable insert geometries: while the indexable insert with a negative protective chamfer (ER geometry) displays a particularly stable cutting edge, the geometry featuring a chip-breaker groove (SR geometry) is distinguished by a softer cut.


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