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Top100 award
for LMT Tools

When ideas emerge in a company, the basis for success and growth is laid. LMT Tools GmbH & Co. KG is an international manufacturer of precision tools and regularly applies for patents - proof of the eagerness for innovation in the workforce. Around 1200 employees worldwide have been inventing new precision tools for more than 100 years, such as novel geometries or smart tools. That is why LMT Tools has been awarded as top innovator 2020.



The management of LMT Tools has firmly anchored the goal of innovation leadership within the company. By using a wide range of methods, management ensures that smart ideas continue to arise, from which innovations can be generated.

This includes, for example, design thinking, agile product development, patent research, but also field tests at customers' sites and close cooperation with universities. Thanks to this extremely fruitful cooperation new impulses keep coming into the house.

manufacturing processes

LMT Tools also relies on 3-D printing in production. For example, in the production of innovative Indexable Insert Milling Cutters or the new “EVOline” tangential rolling head, a tool for the efficient production of external threads: The rolling head is partly produced by using 3-D printing. "This smart tool illustrates our idea of innovation; we develop new solutions by expanding the limits of existing technology and thus significantly increasing the benefits for our customers," says CEO Daniel Ehmans. Smart technologies are also used for actuating fine boring tools; they can be integrated into control loops and thus make automatic wear compensation possible, which enables drill holes to be produced with tight tolerances.


High degree
of networking

Another component of the innovation strategy is the intensive networking of the departments with one another. This includes regular workshops that promote the exchange of knowledge. The research and development departments of the various locations around the world also exchange information continuously. In addition, the employees have a lot of freedom to come up with ideas. Ideas that turn out to be unrealizable are a motivation to develop further ideas. Perseverance often pays off: LMT Tools relies on equipping the smart tools with sensors and digitally transmitting the relevant data - a field with great innovation potential.


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