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Perfectly adjusted for
maximum cutting depth

With the CARBLoop, LMT Fette has developed a tool which, thanks to its maximum cutting depth (3 x Ø and 5 x Ø) and the ideally matched geometry, is perfectly suited to trochoidal milling in various materials. The new CARBLoop is available for ISO-P and ISO-K (CARBLoop Steel) and for ISO-M (CARBLoop INOX). Thanks to a material allowance of 2 mm, the tool can be reground several times while retaining its maximum cutting depth.


Your advantages
at a glance

  • The chip volume has been reduced by half and ensures a smooth chip removal even at high cutting values
  • The chip breaker is designed in such a way that wear is reduced to a minimum
  • In addition, the large number of chip breakers ensures a significant reduction in vibration
  • The offset mounting of the chip breakers on each cutting edge also guarantees clean and smooth surfaces, so that the tool can also be used for subsequent semi-finishing

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New performance boosts
trough trochoidal milling

As opposed to conventional slot and edge milling, during trochoidal milling this tool does not perform linear feed motions with constant chip load. It rather moves very quickly on curved paths, the so-called trochoids. The superposition of feed and circular motion has a positive impact on the operation conditions. The chip load fz, the radial depth of cut ae and the pressure angle ß constantly change. The programming system combines these parameters in such a way that the mean chip thickness and thus the stress on the cutting edges remain constant over the entire process. This avoids an excessive and uneven distribution of force on the cutting edges and the machine spindle.

The high processing speed drastically reduces production costs and processing times. At the same time, the tool life is more than tripled, since the cutting forces are lower due to smaller and more consistent chip cross-sections.

Best possible combination
of geometry, cutting material and coating

In order to achieve the best milling results in the various application areas (ISO-P and ISO-M), the CARBLoop has been specially adapted to the materials and applications to be machined. The CARBLoop Steel and CARBLoop INOX therefore differ in their geometries, cutting materials and coatings. The best possible combination of these properties for the respective application ensures outstanding cutting performance.

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trochoidal milling cutter CARBLoop

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